Top Home Remodeling Trends

The Viking Craftsman is a small business owner who measures success by the mastery of his workmanship. Since 2002, The Viking Craftsman has completed numerous custom projects, from single built-in entertainment centers to numerous bathroom and kitchen renovations to complete whole house remodeling projects.

The Viking Craftsman makes it a priority to stay in touch with all the latest trends. Listed below are 4 Top Home Remodeling Trends. You can trust The Viking Craftsman to all your home remodeling projects.

This remodeled bathroom features new tile, a freestanding tub and modern color scheme. (Photo courtesy of Luxury Home Solutions)

The Bathtub Break-up

Is a bathroom complete without somewhere to bathe? Many consumers now think so. Some people are now going only with a luxury shower – these walk-in showers often include large rain head faucets and handheld sprayers.

Homeowners who still want a traditional bathtub often opt for freestanding bathtubs, such as the contemporary basin style or antique clawfoot tubs, rather than whirlpools or fiberglass.

Fiberglass is out completely. According to a recent survey, tile is a must for showers and floors.

Tile Style

The popular newcomer is 12-inch by 24-inch tile. Staggering these rectangular tiles on bathroom floors and shower walls creates a flow throughout the room. These tiles edged out the intricate patterns with different size tiles.

For general living areas, wood-grain tiles, made of ceramic or porcelain, remain popular. These tiles come in sizes from 6-inch by 36-inch to 8-inch by 8-feet, and come in traditional oak or rustic barn wood finishes, among many others. Another reason for tile’s popularity is growing interest in radiant floor heating.

Gray is the New Beige

From kitchens to bathrooms, consumers turn to gray as a modern standard for walls, cabinets and tile. Gray is the new neutral – and many experts expect gray to continue.

Glazed cabinets, sometimes gray, are becoming more and more popular. Consumers get a better value if they spring for custom cabinets – such as offered by The Viking Craftsman.

When it comes to appliances, rumors of stainless steel’s demise are greatly exaggerated. According to recent surveys, stainless remains king.

Homeowners are exploring different countertops, but granite remains most popular.

A Space for Stuff

Homeowners still want to open up their living areas by removing walls, but now they want storage to eliminate clutter, as well.
Multi-purpose rooms – usually located near or adjacent to the kitchen – serve as a multi-use space to store items, or relax on a sofa and snack, do homework or watch television.

Consumers buy more clothes today, and since most want a master suite, they add a walk-in closet — oftentimes one per spouse. For new homes and homes that are going to be remodeled, this is going to be the new trend.

You’ll be proud to show off your newly refurbished home or custom furniture to your family and friends. The work will please the most critical eye. As unattainable as perfection is, perfection is The Viking Craftsman ultimate goal. Give us a call for more information on one of the finest home remodeling services you will find in Dallas.