What we do

The Viking Craftsman, Inc. is a small business whose owner measures success by the mastery of his workmanship. Since the fall of 2002, The Viking Craftsman, Inc. (TVCI) has completed numerous custom projects, from single built-in entertainment centers to complete house renovations.

Prior to founding The Viking Craftsman, Inc., the owner, Morten Antonsen, was employed by Texas Instruments as an Electrical Analog Design Engineer building interface semiconductor chips. He was always passionate about his woodworking, and has turned this ability into a very successful custom remodeling business.

What sets TVCI apart is that all woodwork, tile work and finish out is completed by Morten himself. This allows for great attention to detail and is where the personal satisfaction comes from. The Viking Craftsman’s personal pride allows him to only provide workmanship at the highest standard in each and every job he completes.

The Viking Craftsman, Inc. is all about: ‘you get what you pay for’, personal service, straight talk, craftsmanship, creativity, functionality, robustness. TVCI is not about image nor flash.

TVCI strongly believes in the saying: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the joy of low price is forgotten.”

TVCI enjoys working with all kinds of materials and thinking outside the box. We do not have a certain style we prefer. We like to do different and challenging projects in all kind of styles. The only up front criteria as to how a certain project and its style should look is whether the level of quality is worthy of TVCI’s stamp of approval. We should want to claim ownership and publish a photograph of the finished product. TVCI will not try to coach a client in a direction where they are not comfortable.

TVCI offers design and architectural services as needed. However, Morten has a keen sense of space and can picture the finished project from a client’s rough drawings and ideas. Morten has found that he can handle most interior projects in this manner. Obviously, additions and structural changes require full design and engineering. Because Morten is doing the work himself it enables the client to make changes on the fly, and no formal ‘change order’ process is needed to change a formal design. The client and Morten will routinely talk in person or by phone several times a day.

All the furniture, cabinets, tile work and woodwork contained on this web site have been custom created by Morten Antonsen. They have not been hired out to various shops and/or subcontractors. When subcontractors are appropriate, Morten only uses trusted subcontractors such as Laura Holly of Design Finishes and Heritage Stonecraft.

You will be proud to show off your newly refurbished home or custom furniture to your family and friends. The work will please the most critical eye. As unattainable as perfection is, perfection is TVCI’s ultimate goal.