Outdoor Kitchen Services

An outdoor kitchen extends your living space, permitting you to take your indoor activities into the outside environment. Cooking, entertaining and relaxing are all made possible by a well-fitted outdoor kitchen.

Summer is the best time for cooking outdoors, however, a well-designed outdoor kitchen should stand up to the elements, allowing you the freedom to cook outside, regardless of the season. Incorporating interior kitchen ideas to your outdoor setting is an ideal way to add value, fun and versatility to your home.

Combining the best of all elements, into one ideal outdoor kitchen

A well-designed outdoor kitchen should be functional as an indoor kitchen, as entertaining as a family room and as welcoming as a living room. However, an outside kitchen can be as simple as a table, chairs and grill, or as elaborate as a fully outfitted kitchen equipped with built-in seating and appliances.

While a straightforward and simple outdoor ‘kitchen’ (read: barbecue, canopy and plastic chairs) can be designed yourself, designing an elegant and comfortable outdoor kitchen is best left to Viking Craftsman, Inc. With a wide experience of outdoor kitchen designs, we can design the best kitchen for you.

Turn your outdoor grilling up a notch

We are here to take your backyard grilling to a higher level. You will enjoy entertaining outdoors in style and convenience.

With your own outdoor rotisserie or grill, cook along with your favorite chef on your outdoor television, enjoy the relaxing view of your own waterfall, or gather with friends around your fireplace. When you design your outdoor kitchen with us, we put our expertise to work to deliver to you the gourmet outdoor kitchen you have always wanted.

Get the right outdoor kitchen for you

We want you to feel confident that your outside kitchen will be right. Therefore, we use top-quality outdoor kitchen appliances and choose the best materials to suit both your budget and your style.

Safety and customer satisfaction is our priority when making our installations. We ensure that when cooking, eating or having fun, you are safe. We use construction materials that are inflammable to prevent fire from spreading in case of a fire outbreak.
Some style ideas to get you thinking

Accent your outside kitchen with stainless steel drawers and doors that will last. To reflect your personality, we use various counter top materials: flagstone, stainless steel, granite, or even concrete. Our variety of colors, patterns, and finishes make it easy to create a distinctive look that compliments your home.

Ready to explore the options? Viking Craftsman, Inc is ready to assist you discover the best outdoor kitchen that you will be sure to enjoy. As a dedicated contractor, we will work with you till you achieve your goal.

Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.