Handcrafted Furniture by The Viking Craftsman

At The Viking Craftsman, we specialize in more than just house and room remodeling, we also specialize in fine, custom, handcrafted furniture. Often, our clients need furniture to specifically match or coordinate with the overall design style of their new kitchen or bathroom. We take the same quality approach that we use in our custom cabinets when we build all the handcrafted furniture we build.

The Viking Craftsman, Inc. is a small business whose owner, Morten Antonsen, measures success by the mastery of his workmanship, which extends to every piece of custom handcrafted furniture we build. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted to perfection by Morten Antonsen – a master cabinet and furniture maker. Our designs are not shaped by period or style but rather by a dedication to timeless aesthetics.

A love of wood and an appreciation for beautiful proportions of fine early furniture in America provided the motivation for Morten to become a dedicated craftsman of beautiful, handcrafted fine furniture. The most important consideration when building a piece of furniture is not the time involved; rather it’s the quality and how well it will withstand the ravages of time.

Combining old world skills with modern wood working tools can now bring The Viking Craftsman line of furniture within the reach of antique and decorator shops across the country.

From start to the finish, nothing is made on an assembly line. This ensures a quality unobtainable in large factories which focus on mass production. We care about our product, and laboriously focus on every detail.

Great care is given to the artistic and natural patterns of the wood’s grain. Each board is hand-selected for its best use. Hand-cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, inlaid escutcheons, drawer beading, and carving are some of our fine details.

Have a question? Need a price quote? Just call Morten Antonsen at 972-816-7161 and let Morten answers all your handcrafted furniture questions.