Bathroom Remodeling – Plano

Effective bathroom remodeling in Plano should address all of your needs as a homeowner, including both physical needs and mental needs.

You want to select elegant fixtures that have simple lines and bring with them an inherent beauty that exceeds that of traditional blocky designs. You can, for example, invest in a pedestal sink in lieu of a cabinet vanity or a claw-foot bathtub in exchange for an acrylic version.

Buying the right bath


Before you buy a tub, be sure to sit in it first to test it out. A bigger tub is not always a better option – some bathrooms may benefit from saving space, and you may even benefit in terms of comfort. It can seem ideal to have a bathtub that is large enough for you to swim around in, but this will only serve to negate the purpose of the relaxation in the tub as you cannot find a secure foothold and instead end up floating off into oblivion. You should make sure to assess the lip and back angles for neck support and comfort. If you search for a tub suitable for two people, it should slat at both ends and have taps in the center.

Floors and mirrors

Flooring for a Plano based bathroom remodel needs to be durable. Water-resistant flooring is best, especially something like stone or marble. And sub-floor heating coils can make even the coldest hard surfaces warm to the touch. Of course, hardwood flooring is great too if it is well-sealed and it can provide your space with a natural warmth not found elsewhere.
Stylish mirrors can make even the smallest space seem larger. Well hung, and beautifully framed mirrors can be supplemented with adjustable make up mirrors or shaving mirrors with individual lighting. On that note, your bathroom remodel should incorporate the most appropriate lighting. Wall sconces can be combined with halogen pot lights and dimmers to make the space a quality area for relaxation.

Filling in the gaps

You should capitalize on any smaller spaces by using a wall stud to install a tall cabinet for storage or a shower area that is less confining and lacks a curtain or door. Ceiling mounted rain showerheads are also one of the more popular options for such a space as they keep the water from bouncing beyond the designated shower region. And above all, the incorporation of luxury is an indulgence well worth the cost. Spa-like features can convert your previously uninviting space into a haven for relaxation and privacy.

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