Beyond Countertops and Floors – Specialty Remodeling Services

When one thinks about home remodeling, often times what comes to mind is putting new cabinets and counters in the kitchen, new floors in the living room, or a new shower, toilet and sink in the bathroom. While these are common, they are not the only renovations available. There are a wide variety of specialty renovation services to fully customize your whole house.


Stairs can do more than connect the floors of your home; they can make quite a statement. A staircase can be straight or winding. It can be hidden off to the side, or it can create a grand entrance with a foyer on the upper level. The steps can be wood or carpeted depending on your flooring preferences. The railings can be ornate wrought iron or a sleek and simple banister. Depending on how you have your stairway set up, you can also create a unique storage system underneath, be it a closet or some cabinets, making use of what would otherwise be empty space.

Residential Elevators

Elevators make getting from one floor to another so much easier for those who may not be able to walk a traditional staircase. For such people who live in a multi-level home, having an elevator installed makes a great remodel idea, rather than having to pick up and move to a single level house. It doesn’t have to stick out either. You can have it designed to fit right into the decor of your home. The interior can even be designed to your taste, with options for mirrors, different types of paneling, grab bars, an emergency phone and even music.

Display Cases and Mantels

Perhaps you are a collector with many items that you would love to show off to guests, but are hidden away in boxes because you don’t have the space to display them. In that case, having custom display cases and mantels added to your home might just be perfect for you. You can have these built into a blank wall or you can have them installed above and around your fireplace.

Entry Doors

A front door can make quite a statement about your home. They are also a relatively easy remodel in comparison to most. An ornate iron door, for example, can add a touch of high class to your home as well as some value and takes no more than a day to install. French doors add a little bit of old world feel and elegance while opening up the home with a view to the outdoors. Sliding French doors offer the same while saving on space.

There is more to remodeling than just replacing counters, cabinets and floors. These are just a few of the options available. Now when you think about redoing a part of, or whole, house, know that your options are nearly limitless and you can create the home of your dreams!