Luxury Kitchen Remodeling

Today’s expensive homes are only as luxurious as the kitchens they contain. Luxury kitchens call for extraordinary details along with the use of rich materials and colors. See the photo gallery at the bottom of this page for a sample of some of the kitchens designed and created by The Viking Craftsman.

The kitchen is perhaps the most valuable and used room in the entire home. As such, a luxury kitchen adds tremendous value to any home. Unlike an expensive car – which depreciates quickly – an expensive kitchen is an investment that lasting creates value.

Like a good bottom of wine, you get what you pay for holds true when building and remodeling your kitchen. Luxury appliances and expensive kitchen cabinets will last much longer and retain their value far better than mid-range and low-end options. Inexpensive and import cabinetry may “look” luxurious the day it’s installed, but may well end up in a dump in a very short time. Your best bet is to invest in quality cabinetry – cabinetry such as created and delivered by The Viking Craftsman. When considering remodeling your kitchen, considering a luxury kitchen design is a great place to start.

Cabinetry is the largest and most important investment in any kitchen remodel. Luxury kitchen cabinets often feature high-end American woods like Cherry and Walnut with rich, dark stains. Exotic woods can take it to yet another level. Specialty painted and glazed finishes can also make for a luxurious kitchen.

For extra elegance, luxury appliances can be framed in with decorative carved posts or fluted columns. Occasionally the appliances themselves are panelized with wood. Luxury kitchen sinks can be crafted of heavy gauge stainless steel, polished or hammered copper, or even marble or granite.

What sets The Viking Craftsman apart is that all woodwork, tile work and finish out are completed by Morten Antonsen himself. This allows for great attention to detail and is where the personal satisfaction comes from. The Viking Craftsman’s personal pride allows him to only provide workmanship at the highest standard in each and every job he completes.