Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom? 6 Signs That Point to Yes

Stop's time for bathroom remodeling in PlanoSpring is just around the corner, a time when many homeowners start thinking about remodeling projects. One of the most valuable remodels are bathroom remodels. Is it time for you to remodel your bathroom? Here are six signs that point to ‘yes.’

      1. You dim the lights when you enter your bathroom. Is your bathroom an eyesore that you would rather keep in the dark? Do you have permanently stained toilets, sinks and tubs? It’s time for new fixtures that you can actually enjoy looking at.
      2. You have a stressful job and no way to relax. Your bathroom should and can be a place where you can melt all your troubles away while soaking in the perfect tub.
      3. You find yourself eyeing the clock and waiting on the bathroom often. Sharing a bathroom with your significant other? Imagine the time you can save with dual sinks and an extra shower stall.
      4. Your bathroom brings back childhood memories. If this is the case, you need a bathroom makeover. Your bathroom is not a time machine! Bring it back to date with sleek fixtures and uplifting designs so you can enjoy today.
      5. When guests ask you where your bathroom is, apologizing is standard procedure. Do you usually direct guests to your bathroom, followed by an apology for how messy or un-ideal it is? Do yourself and your guests a favor and fix your bathroom issues once and for all.
      6. You are expecting a new member to join your household. Pregnant? In-law moving in? If there are any changes to your household, it’s time to plan for new accommodations. Avoid daily headaches with bathroom remodel to maintain a level of safety and convenience.

Have you said ‘yes’ to any of the above statements? It’s time to think about how a bathroom remodel can improve your life.