Whats new in kitchen remodeling for 2014


The open design kitchen is one of the trends that remain strong in 2014. The concept for this actually goes back at least to the ideas of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who flourished in the first half of the 20th century. The idea was considered revolutionary in a time when kitchens were disconnected rooms in the back of a house, accessible by doors or doorways. Open kitchens, by contrast, open into the other first floor living areas in a smooth flow of space. In order not to pose a jarring contrast with the other rooms as a consequence, kitchen designers are using different finishes and tones in the kitchen, and concepts such as a microwave drawer to de-emphasize the utilitarian aspect of a kitchen, and make it more inviting as a gathering place for family and friends. Colors Neutral colors, such as antique white, arctic white, and sandy and gray tones continue to be popular in homes in flooring, walls, drapes, cabinets, and furniture. Countertops Quartz countertops are now overtaking the granite that has predominated for several years. It gives a similar look, but better resists chipping and staining. Efficient Designs More homeowners are opting for efficient kitchen and bathrooms, with water-conserving showers, dishwashers, and toilets, smaller bathtubs, and touchless faucets. Another trending item for kitchens is a compact corner sink, installed in the usually unused corner portion of a counter. This is a good solution for small kitchens. Outdoor kitchens on patios behind the house continue to become more prevalent, especially in areas with accommodating climates. Fitttings Warmer metal fittings such as brass and copper are beginning to supplant chrome and stainless steel. Besides being used for such as handles and trim on cabinets, one is seeing copper stove hoods and more copper cooking utensils. Lighting Sconce lighting, a small light fixture attached to a wall, is making a comeback as supplemental lighting in kitchens. There are arrays of styles that allow the choice of a lighting fixture which blends in with the style of the kitchen. Shelving Open shelving, in lieu of closed cabinets, is an emerging trend. It's a way to show off quality crockery, glasses, and other dining implements. Universal Design Universal design, in which rooms and their features are designed to accommodate persons as they age, is becoming a big design trend. It is thought that this is because more people intend to stay in their same home as they get older. This consists of such design elements as drawer appliances, like microwaves in drawers, so that they are more easily reached; dishwasher and refrigerator drawers; master bedrooms on the first floor; doors with levers instead of knobs, and larger showers.