What Is Universal Design?

Universal Design is a current trend where the space can be utilized by people of all sizes, ages and abilities, yet not mimic ADA/industrial-type items.  According to specialists, no longer is the ADA (American Disabilities Act) moniker being used to instill a commercial and industrial feel in spaces.  Some common universal designs for bathrooms may incorporate a “Universal Height” toilet that is taller than normal, but still low enough for children and smaller people to use comfortably.It meets ADA specifications, yet is not as tall as an “ADA Height” toilet.  Other items that can be installed are Zero-Edge showers (where a wheelchair or walker can be used easily, yet can be walked into comfortably as well (and still keep the bathroom floor dry).  Grab bars that incorporate paper holders or shelves for soap, shampoo or reading material.  Bidet seats can give a person his/her independence back if they have mobility issues, yet is just as useful for everyone in the household.  The shower/bath controls are even being moved out from under the showerhead to make it easier and after to turn on the shower.  Design and architectural professionals are utilizing this movement in the design of their spaces and homes because people are living longer and staying in their homes, rather than moving into assisted living quarters.  This also helps with resale because the space does not seem as “industrial” as they once had to be, yet is functional for families of all sizes and abilities.About Us:  The Viking Craftsman Inc, award-winning contractor, combines true craftsmanship with personalized service.  Specialties include additions, kitchens, bathrooms, home theaters, and outdoor living spaces in Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen and Dallas, Texas.