What is traditional bathroom design

If your style is traditional, find out how our bathroom remodeling services in Plano can help you achieve the look you want.

If your style is traditional, find out how our bathroom remodeling services in Plano can help you achieve the look you want.

Traditional bathroom design usually gives an impression of a particular historical period. This is accomplished by using materials, decor, and features associated with that era. Examples of this type of design use art deco, Victorian, and colonial styles. Floor tile can enhance the traditional appearance with such patterns as hexagonal, Italian basket-weave, or penny tile. Wood furniture can contribute to the overall look if made from traditional materials such as cherry, oak, or maple. Design Elements to Avoid Combining decorative features from distinctly different historical periods can give a chaotic impression and should be avoided. Design elements which should not be employed are those which appear to be modern, sleek, or minimalist. Design Elements to Use Plumbing fixtures with a vintage look are common in traditional designs. Examples are porcelain claw-foot bath tubs, and pedestal and console sinks with brass faucets and water valves. Towels, bath mats, and shower and window curtains should be of a simple design. The patterns should not be abstract and the colors should not be garish. It's best to use solid colors or small floral prints. Traditional bathrooms often incorporate some of these design elements: 

  • A balanced, symmetric look

  • Rich, warm color scheme and proportional arrangements

  • Dark wood finishes

  • Granite, slate, or marble countertops

  • Classic-design wooden storage cabinetry

  • Natural stone or porcelain tiles

  • Copper, iron, and bronze lamps, faucets, and furniture fittings

  • Vintage-look light fixtures

  • Hinged medicine cabinets, often with mirrors

  • Antique-style framed square, rectangular, or oval mirrors

  • Traditional tall wooden bathroom cabinets

  • Classic decorative patterns, such as columns, urns, curves and scrolling flowers or leaves

  • Classic patterns in wall paper

Timeless Look Traditional-style bathrooms can give a timeless look. They are most congruent with a home in which other rooms are in a traditional style, but they can work with other home styles as well. Traditional design evinces understated elegance, exquisite beauty, and charm which attracts attention. Morten Antonsen, The Viking Craftsman, specializes in bathroom and kitchen design. He does not have a preference for a particular design style. He will be happy to discuss traditional bathroom design remodeling with you.