Spring Home Remodeling 2013 – Build a Deck!

Spring Home Remodeling - Build a DeckSpring is finally here! Your home has provided a cozy interior for warm gatherings, holiday dinners, and many great moments shared. And now, everyone’s spending their working days daydreaming about how great it would be to be outside instead, taking in the sun! After Winter’s wear and tear, your home is probably looking a little shabby at this point, set against Spring’s renewed elation. Sure, there’s a whole laundry list of home remodeling items you should get checked and maintained. But the most exciting idea at the moment for most home owners is to finally get that deck built! But where to begin? Here are few things to consider in your preliminary planning stages.Local Building Codes & RegulationsThe first thing you should do is check local building codes for any restrictions or guidelines pertaining to building decks. After making an investment on a deck, the last thing you want to do is have to tear it down to build again from scratch. Learn about proper deck flashing to make sure water is prevented from ruining your home where it meets the deck. Railings are an important safety feature of your deck, especially when it is elevated a certain height above ground. Are there regulations regarding fasteners? What are the regulations regarding structural posts? We suggest you learn all the major parts to a deck, which will give you a great place to start for looking up code regulations regarding each.How Will the Space Be Used?You can look at home remodeling books for pretty pictures of decks all you want. But more than anything, you’re going to love the deck that looks like no other than the one that was tailored to your own needs! Write down a list of specific activities that you will want to use the deck for. Draw out a rough outline of how you think your deck will be shaped, and map out where these designated areas will be. Make sure there is room for people traffic in addition to these activities. Get a real idea of the size and types of outdoor furniture you will want on your deck. And remember a space that looks big will look pretty cramped and small once you fill it with furniture and people! If you plan on adding a hot tub or kitchen area, the best way to ensure they will become a reality is to plan and build for those temporary voids as well.Assess the Current State of Things, Etc.Take a good look around and think about any changes you need to make to your landscaping for any reason, because now a big deck is a big important part of the equation! You also should think about your lighting situation and sort that all out before the building phase has begun. Don’t forget you also have the option of having your deck detached from your home. Maybe there’s an opposite corner of your yard that would work great for a deck, gets great shade and sun exposure.You Can Always Call on Us!Is your head spinning yet? Let’s enjoy this exciting challenge and look forward to a beautiful deck that will grant you years and years of great memories spent in the sun, by the hot tub, and hosting bar-be-ques! We are here to walk you through the process every step of the way to make sure every dollar is well-spent on a quality, well planned-out deck that suits your needs for years to come!