Smart Tips for Green Energy Savings

There is a constant changing tide of remodeling trends and design. Over the past 12 years, we have seen trends go from grand and opulent to streamlined and minimal. Currently, the informed client is taking design a step further and insisting on energy efficient products for their home. While you may pay more for green building design, your savings, health benefits, and reduced environmental impacts will justify your increased spending. Here are a few smart tips for “greening” an existing home with some of the new energy efficient technology:Air Quality: Energy efficiency measures such as adding insulation, weather-stripping, caulking, etc., are quick energy saving techniques. Although they prevent heat loss, bad air is trapped indoors. Take care of your health and get your HVAC and Air ducts cleaned. Air ducts naturally accumulate sizeable deposits of dust and other contaminants over a period of years and in some cases months. This debris can reduce the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system and even cause physical discomfort and illness by degrading the quality of air you breathe indoors.Appliance Efficiency: Check all of your home appliances for their energy efficiency ratings. A refrigerator, washing machine, dryer or dishwasher that are more than 8 years old are not performing at the highest efficiency rating. If your hot water heater is 9 or more years old, it is time to replace it. Studies show that most hot water heaters do not last more than 9 years (due to corrosion) and a potential flood can be avoided in your home. Consider replacing your “tank” water heater with a “tankless” unit. A tankless unit heats your water instantly and does not store heated water in a tank.Windows & Doors: Old, worn-out windows or doors are often leaky, which can result in high energy bills during peak heating and cooling months. The glass may be loose (in which case it should be re-glazed) or the seal between the sash and frame may have weakened. The cost of replacing failing windows is often dwarfed by overall household energy costs, but we recommend replacing old single-pane windows with modern windows that feature dual-pane Low-E glass for a substantial energy savings. If your windows are in decent shape but still leak, consider applying new weather stripping. It’s easy to install and available at most building supply stores. You can also take advantage of the available tax credits for your window or door replacements.Paints & Finishes: Make sure to use Low VOC or zero VOC water soluble paints and finishes on walls, doors and cabinets throughout your home. These paints emit low odors and provide easy clean-up while making your environment a healthier place.About Us: The Viking Craftsman Inc, award-winning contractor, combines true craftsmanship with personalized service. Specialties include additions, kitchens, bathrooms, home theaters, and outdoor living spaces in Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen and Dallas, Texas.