Follow These Remodeling Tips and You Will Love Your Small Kitchen

Small kitchen remodeling design tips you'll loveBigger is not always better. A small kitchen that is expertly remodeled and designed can pack a serious punch! Here are a few tips to get your kitchen from uninspired and cluttered to beautiful and efficient.How Do You Use Your Kitchen?Every household is different. You may love to bake, entertain guests, or help your child with their homework at the kitchen table. Whatever activities happen in your kitchen most, you should keep them in mind when planning your remodel. Also think about what is currently working great for you and what is not. A kitchen that is optimized for your particular needs will give you the most satisfaction.Organization is Key!Poorly planned cabinetry wastes a ton of precious space. Take a look at your current layout and think of ways to eliminate those dark, unused, hard to reach areas. Plan on how you will store specific items. We can completely reshape the layout of your cabinetry and add extra shelving and drawers in many sizes so that every bit gets used.Counter top appliances can be stored above the counter with storage units mounted under cabinets. Narrow pullout compartments can be implemented into your cabinetry layout for easy access to items that would otherwise be cluttering up your counter space. An organized kitchen minimizes clutter and makes it easy keep it that way.Important Design ElementsWith colors and paints, stick with white or light, cool tones. Light colors reflect light while darker ones absorb light. Also, reflective surfaces such as glass and stainless steel work great. Diagonal lines and shapes in your flooring or back splash also help open up the space. If your layout allows, having a skylight or extra windows installed is highly recommended.Upper cabinetry can look bulky in a small space. Open or glass cabinetry reveals the walls behind them, which makes the room appear larger. Additionally, building shelving up high will provide you with a lot of extra storage space, and also leads the eye upwards. This has the effect of making the space feel larger.Ask Away!If you are feeling discouraged by your small kitchen, feel free to ask us any questions you may have. When transforming a small space, our custom remodeling solutions will make you realize that you are not as limited as you may think!