Replacing vs. Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: Which Option is Best for You?

Replace or Refinish Kitchen Cabinets in Your Remodeling DesignThere comes a time in many a homeowner’s life when the exciting option to remodel one’s kitchen comes into play. Whether it is to be a complete kitchen overhaul or an update to the cabinetry, the choice between replacing or refinishing becomes the question of the day. If you are still sitting on the fence on this one, the good news the answer is a pretty logically determined one.Determining Your Functional NeedsIf storage is an issue for you, replacing cabinetry at least to some extent is the obvious solution. Refinishing cabinetry that is not tall, deep or wide enough will make for a better looking kitchen, but will not solve your storage issue. Replacing cabinetry is obviously a bit pricier, but remember, you have the option of working out a hybrid solution of replacing and refinishing, keeping some of your cabinetry intact and replacing others. We know how to spruce up the form and function of your existing cabinetry to significantly improve the ease of use of your storage space, while keeping what is currently working for you intact for a seamless visual and functional end product.Considering the Quality of Construction of Your Current CabinetryIf your home was built prior to the 1980s and the existing cabinetry is original from the time it was built, the structure and materials used to build your cabinets and drawers are likely to be higher quality than the default ones found in newer homes today. Keep this in mind when comparing your options among products that are out there today. Downgrading on quality construction and materials would be counter-productive.The Best Service Provider to Maximize on Your Return on InvestmentNot all remodeling services are well rounded enough with the kind of experience that will give you the ability to integrate your choices into that seamless and optimal solution that you desire. There are numerous details to consider in a kitchen’s construction, from toe kicks to seamless transitions between flooring and other adjacent pieces of construction, as well as a working knowledge of various styles and available material options to take advantage of. Call on The Viking Craftsman for personalized solutions that will maximize your return on investment, solving all of your cabinetry and other kitchen issues once and for all.