Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen DesignGetting ready for a great summer? If you are a homeowner that is looking forward to planning an outdoor kitchen design this summer, congratulations! Do keep in mind that the difference between a successful and unsuccessful outdoor kitchen, is usability and comfort. The last thing you want is an kitchen that is a chore to maintain and to use. With that in mind, here are some tips when it comes to planning your outdoor kitchen.Plan to Withstand the ElementsBeing outdoors, you want to plan around the elements. For one thing, comfort is important. Consider building a nice overhead shelter so that you can comfortably lounge outside, even with the Texas sun beating down. For those hot, muggy summer days and nights, installing a ceiling fan and a vent hood over the stove are a couple of features to help keep air circulating.You also want to make sure that all of your materials, including furniture, lighting, countertops, and flooring, are made for the outdoors. Any items, such as a rollaway grill, should have a special nook to tuck away under when not in use.Keep Necessities Within ReachRunning to and from your indoor kitchen for supplies, takes all the fun out of cooking outdoors. Think about the types of meals you would cook outdoors, how often, and for whom. Your outdoor kitchen’s drawers and cupboards can be as simple or as elaborate as any indoor kitchen.Don’t Forget Electrical OutletsIf you want to run an extension cord from the house to your outdoor kitchen, feel free. Your whole kitchen will be limited by the length of that cord! But if you want to cook in style, don’t forget to plan on adding electrical outlets in your outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen, complete with easy access appliances, offers a much more versatile space that you can enjoy at any meal.Outdoor kitchens are one of our many specialties. If you are having trouble getting started, feel free to call us up and we’ll get you on the road to success!