Plano Kitchen Remodeling Design Solutions for a Small Kitchen Space

Kitchen Remodeling Designs for a Small SpaceIs your kitchen remodeling design limited to a small space? There are a lot of things that can be done to visually and functionally enhance a small kitchen space. With clients that we serve in and around Plano, kitchen remodeling designs, we find, can completely transform even a very small space, to serve you well. Here are a few ideas to mull over, when planning your kitchen remodeling design.Lighting is Very EffectiveAllowing natural light into your kitchen is one of the greatest ways to extend an otherwise closed-in feeling space. Adding a skylight or large windows brings life to the kitchen and also creates openness as the barrier to the outdoors is broken down. Recessed lighting, pendant lights and spot lights are also quite effective in adding a sense of depth and drama to a space. The way light plays off of certain design details and materials can make for a stunning kitchen remodeling design that transcends its own space.Maximizing Storage SpaceStorage doesn’t have to be an uninspired thing of an abundance of containers, extra shelving, and hanging shelves weighing down the inside of pantry and cabinet doors. The Viking Craftsman is highly skilled at creating original handcrafted furniture, shelving and cabinetry to solve any storage issues with style. A kitchen island’s utility can be maximized with extra hidden storage. Islands can even house a handsome nested table on casters to put away when not in use. An extra pantry or two can be made to fit any unused space, finished with details to complement any design.Textures, Materials, and Use of SpaceOne of the fun things about having a smaller kitchen space is having more money per square inch to spend. Once you’ve optimized your kitchen’s layout so that it is just right and have decided what kind of kitchen remodeling design you want to go for, you can lavish your space with the textures and materials you want to achieve the perfect look. It’s not always smart to be as frugal as possible. All of the details and every bit of quality of the materials you invest in will pay off and make a huge difference.You’re Not So LimitedOf course, if you simply don’t want a small kitchen, The Viking Craftsman can move some walls for you and physically create a larger space. From handcrafted furniture to entire home remodels, there is nothing we can’t do.