Do You Know What to Expect from Your Patio or Deck Builder?

Patio or Deck Builder

Patio or Deck Builder

Do You Know What to Expect from Your Patio or Deck Builder? Queue the patio’s, decks and grills. As we head into spring with full force, that means only one thing – barbecue season! If you have been watching your old deck or patio wither away with each passing season, hoping that one more coat of sealer will get you through the next without having to replace it, now might be the time to consider building a new one.Old, rotted or otherwise unstable decks and/or patios can be a real safety hazard, not to mention quite the eyesore. So, as we approach the 2016 summer outdoor barbecue season, make sure that you are ready to safely and impressively entertain – fix your deck or patio. What to Expect from Your Patio or Deck Builder Have you ever started a big project, or hired someone to complete a big project for you and realized about halfway through that you have no idea what the next step is? With such a valuable and large investment as your outdoor living space and your home’s deck or patio, it is wise to be informed of the process every step of the way. This will ensure that the project is completed the way you envisioned and that you do not get ripped off in any sort of fashion (i.e. no corners cut or shortcuts taken). Putting in a new deck or patio consists of 5 simple steps:

  1. Connect – That is, connect with potential contractors. Make sure that you select a reputable contractor, one that is well-known and that has a reputation for following building codes and filing for necessary permits.

  2. Consult – The consultation should involve getting to know the contractor and them getting to know you (i.e. familiarizing themselves with your wants and needs). During the consult they should take notes, measurements and be forthcoming about your new deck or patios potential.

  3. Design – After the consult the contractor should have gathered enough information to enable them to put together a design for your project. After they have completed the design they should be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the project’s cost.

  4. Build – Prior to building, make sure the contractor walks you through the entire process – start to finish – and provides you with a reasonable timeline for completion.

  5. Enjoy – Finally, all that is left to do is enjoy your new outdoor living space. Once again, queue the burgers, the dogs, the icy cold beverages, and close friends and family – you are now ready to enjoy the season!