Kitchen Remodeling in Plano – The Versatile Kitchen Island

Kitchen Remodeling in Plano - Utilizing Kitchen IslandsNo matter what size space you have to work with for your kitchen remodeling project, do not underestimate the power and versatility of a kitchen island. Having your kitchen remodeled is an exciting endeavor indeed. A kitchen island is a great element to work with in a new kitchen design, for all its versatility and utility. The Viking Craftsman has served kitchen remodeling clients in Plano and surrounding cities, and can create a personalized kitchen solution for you.A Wall for an IslandA kitchen is never too small for an island, because if it is, then you might be better off taking a wall down to open up your kitchen space. Taking down a wall will often times improve the flow of your kitchen remodeling space, for a more welcoming kitchen that is better integrated with the rest of the home. The great thing about an island in this situation is that it can be used to create just the right amount of separation between the kitchen and dining area. It can have multi functions, inviting guests with bar stools, along a higher leveled bar surface, combined with a lower food prep surface.Island Utility and SizeNo matter what size island works best for your kitchen remodeling plans, a personalized kitchen island can be designed for increased utility of your space. Massive islands are great for storage and extra surface area for meal preparation. A medium or large island may be where you choose to set up your sink, extra sink or appliances. If you are a couple that enjoys cooking together, a longer island can facilitate two cooks, for a harmonious cooking experience.Smaller islands can be built for a smaller space. Smaller islands can be built to look more like tables, providing extra prep space, and shelving underneath for quick and easy access to everyday tools and cookware.A Trustworthy Source of Skill, Expertise and StyleFeel free to call on us if you have any questions or comments on kitchen islands, kitchen remodeling, or any small or large home remodeling project. The Viking Craftsman is a one of a kind craftsman who can do it all, from handcrafted furniture to entire home remodels. We serve Plano and surrounding cities.