Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2015


Strike a Balance Whether you are purchasing a new home or are making changes to a room or two in your existing residence, it is important to strike a balance between a classic look and a trendy one. Search Pinterest and similar online sites for ideas. Bookmark what you find or print the images. Then, call Morten Antonsen, the Viking Craftsman, a specialist in kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in Plano and surrounding communities. He will discuss your specific needs with you, explain what the bathroom and kitchen remodeling trends are, and come up with a plan which is in line with your budget. National Kitchen and Bath Association 2015 Style Report The National Kitchen and Bath Association surveyed more than 400 designers to get a feel for what the designs trends will be in 2015. The consensus of opinion is that simplicity is the key. There will be a movement away from the cozy comfortable country look to a cleaner, modern, contemporary type of design.Oak kitchen cabinets are trending, as are those made of maple. Oak takes stains very well. Rather than all cabinets being stained the same color, designers are making bold statements by keeping some cabinets light-colored, staining other cabinets a medium brown tone, and staining others dark reddish-brown. Cherry wood will also be seen. This type of wood looks especially nice when paired with fixtures and accessories in copper or bronze. Kitchen Remodeling and Design Trends for 2015* Colorful Sinks* Minimalist Appliance Designs in White* Minimalist Kitchen Cabinets in White* Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finishes* Open Floor Plans* Warm Metal Kitchen Fixtures* White Sinks* Wood Kitchen Cabinets In conjunction with the “simple is better” theme for 2015, bathrooms are following the following trends:* Free-Standing Bathtubs* Open Showers* Quartz Countertops* Sinks with Legs (rather than being supported by a pedestal or having cabinets underneath)* Small, Shiny Black Tiles* Soaking Tubs In contrast, a lot of bathroom design elements popular in the past few years are now on their way out. Rather than just tell you what's in here is a list of what’s “out”.* Bathtub and Shower Combinations* Bowl-Shaped Sinks* Cabinet-Based Sinks* Glass-Enclosed Showers* Large, White Subway Tiles* Pedestal--Based SinksAlthough we’ve listed the current trends in bathroom and kitchen design, you should always design according to your own aesthetic and what you personally like.  To discuss and plan your personal dream kitchen or bathroom, give Morten Antonsen, The Viking Craftsman, a call.  He can help you choose among the many materials and design choices.