Kitchen Appliances……Are You Appliance Savvy?

Why go through the process of giving your kitchen the facelift it needs and the upgrades you deserve by not taking advantage of the conveniences, sleek designs and energy efficiency of appliances on the market today? With out-of-date appliances come old cut-out sizes and electrical requirements; it’s not economically smart to remodel an entire kitchen with old appliances only to discover that in six months you’ll need to change them out.Selecting new kitchen appliances may not be considered the sexiest of kitchen upgrades, but it could be your most important decision made. Plus, new appliances help accentuate those new cabinets and countertops in a remodel. “Integrating appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators, for instance, make the cabinets the focal point, whereas professional products not only provide a more commercial performance, but they also add a dramatic look.When undertaking a home renovation, especially a kitchen remodel, remember to keep it exciting, no matter how daunting it may seem. Also, keep in mind: the kitchen is the No. 1 upgraded room in the home, and with good reason. It can single-handedly seal the deal on a home sale or at least increase the resale value of the home. In fact, a November 2011 National Kitchen & Bath Association report revealed that kitchen remodels are up nearly 36% from a year ago. Adding new appliances can really contribute to the “intelligence” of your kitchen space. Kitchen flow, décor, convenience and energy usage are all common factors to consider when choosing your next set of appliances.Generally speaking, “the kitchens in our great state of Texas are larger in size than what is found in other parts of the country. With that said, this gives the consumer to either increase the size of the appliances – refrigerators/freezers – or have the opportunity to have more appliances that you might not typically think of incorporating into a standard kitchen. Of course, there are those kitchens where space and budgets are a driving decision-making concern. If space or budget is an issue, consumers are interested in a “flexible and multi-purpose appliance,” one that takes the place of two to allow the consumer – both budget – and space-wise – the opportunity to consider a specialty appliance that they previously have never owned.  No longer just a narrow galley-style sidebar to the main living area of past design, the kitchen has become the dominant hub of the common gathering area in our homes. Much larger and much more open to the rest of the house, today’s kitchen now includes issues of flow for entertaining and functionality for multiple culinary activities.Taking notes on how to utilize the flow of the kitchen is one of the most important aspects when considering important aspects when considering a remodel. The kitchen impacts the flow of the home and how the home “lives.” The “golden triangle” was a design premise in which the sink, the range and the refrigerator were designed into the kitchen with a minimal amount of space separating them. The idea was to reduce the travel time between them, making it easier to accomplish any culinary task. Now the new guiding force in kitchen design is the “kitchens within the kitchens.” No longer are kitchen designers trying to keep the essential appliance in close proximity to each other, instead they are designing specialized culinary stations throughout the kitchen domain.About Us: The Viking Craftsman Inc, award-winning contractor, combines true craftsmanship with personalized service. Specialties include additions, kitchens, bathrooms, home theaters, and outdoor living spaces in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Allen and Dallas, Texas.