Kid's Bathroom Remodel Ideas


Kids grow quickly and as they do, so does their taste. Trying to decorate a kids’ bathroom seems often like a whirlwind of cartoon characters and pastel hues. But bathrooms can be chic and playful, fit for growing children and young adults if you apply the ideas below: Idea #1 If you have multiple children sharing a bathroom, you might consider a more gender-neutral shared space for two kids, one that uses colors like orange and turquoise with a double vanity so that each child has their own area within the bigger bathroom space. Idea #2: If your space is small, you can visually expand the bathroom by brightening some of the walls and integrating splashes of deeper shades for a monochromatic look that is sweet yet interesting. Vibrant accessories such as hand soap dispensers or towels in a bright orange or pink can really add a wonderful break in color. Idea #3: Contemporary styles are not just reserved for adults. Traditional styles are suited for children as well. A pedestal sink coupled with a wire waste basket, wall hooks, and sconces can enhance a small and narrow bathroom without making it too bright or too washed out. The pedestal vanity is a wonderful alternative for storage as well, helping your kids to keep their bathroom clean. Idea #4: When painting a remodeled kids bathroom, you do not have to cover the entire wall. Your kids might appreciate using three-lined stripes in the middle that make the space more dynamic. You can select complementary bright colors such as having orange shower tiles and an orange and light green stripe of paint. Remember that with this design you can integrate a fun and inspiring piece of childhood through towel hooks that showcase your child’s favorite animal all the way to a toothbrush holder that has their favorite television character. It can be easy to blend the colors in the new bathroom to suit these fun alternatives. Idea #5: If you have kids who love the outdoors then consider a mounting living theme. You can make an industrial chic bathroom like looks like a ski dormitory bathroom, one complete with old fashioned ski lodge signs, wooden trash bins, and sports/outdoor themed accessories. You can install ceiling high storage units to act as physical barriers to a wall sized mirror that rests atop multiple sinks. Idea #6: For anyone with a young girl or boy in the family who prefers the sophisticated side of things, a daring contrast might be key. Countertops can be crisp in their design with all painting and color a vibrant white. Integrating a single natural plant or tree in front of a rippled vanity mirror next to a small wall shelf is just the classic look they might want.