Choosing Kitchen Cabinets – Where to Start?

Choosing cabinets in kitchen remodeling designsWhen planning a kitchen remodel, the one thing that usually weighs heaviest on a homeowner’s mind is the kitchen cabinets. A kitchen’s cabinetry defines the style of the space as well as its flow and function. Additionally, the cabinetry accounts for roughly 60 percent of the entire kitchen remodel. So where does one start when choosing kitchen cabinets? What works for your neighbor won’t work as well for you, as the ideal cabinetry configuration is different for each individual. Here are some things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets.Assessing Your NeedsIf you are looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen and improve the layout, custom cabinets will offer you all the flexibility you need. It is a good idea to have a blueprint of your kitchen drawn out with precise measurements so you know exactly what you are looking for. When browsing for ideas and comparing them to your blueprint and the changes you wish to make, you will have an easier time targeting in on the best solutions for you. Sturdy cabinets that have served you well may simply need a facelift. Cabinets that are older or cabinets with inefficient shelving and use of space can be replaced for something more ideal.Design OptionsTrends come and go in only a matter of a few years or less. When deciding on the look of your kitchen, we find that our clients get the most enjoyment from classic design choices. A kitchen can be stylish and expressive without following the latest fleeting trends. Anything from traditional, transitional to modern can be done in a tasteful manner that will never go out of style.Solid wood is a popular choice and works well with traditional as well as transitional designs. Wood can be glazed to accentuate the natural grain. Wood can also be treated for a more weathered look for country style kitchens. More modern kitchens favor acrylics and foils which come in many beautiful gloss levels and texture patterns.Cabinet doors can sit on the cabinets in three general ways: full overlay, standard overlay and inset. Full overlay cabinets cover the entire cabinet surface, whereas standard overlay leaves space between cabinet doors so that the underlying cabinets show. Inset cabinet doors lay flush with the surrounding cabinetry.Cabinet doors and drawers also come in many shapes, including flat for more modern surfaces, and raised panels which work well for more traditional designs. Beading, trim and other details can even be added into custom cabinetry to match family heirlooms.Drawer pulls and cabinet door handles are available in all sorts and are an element that can be easily changed out in the future.Getting It Done RightWe all learn time and time again, that you get what you pay for. A lot of homeowners have a tendency to pinch every penny possible. The best practice is to learn all of your options within a flexible budget, and compare them to your needs to optimize for value. Customized cabinetry solutions and styles will help you do just that. Call on The Viking Craftsman. We can answer all of your questions and piece it all together the right way when it comes time to remodel.