Bathroom Remodeling Services in Plano – Customer FAQs

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Plano – Customer FAQsAlongside kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling is one of the top two valuable home improvements that can be made to one’s home. Offering bathroom remodeling services in Plano and surrounding cities, we have gathered a few of our customer FAQs for our blog. Here are today’s bathroom remodeling FAQs.Do you have any advice on choosing a bathroom remodeling design style?Consumers today are inundated with so many attractive images and showrooms of bathroom remodeling designs that it becomes difficult to even know where to start. For starters, pay attention to specific fixtures, textures and finishes that appeal to you visually and make the most sense for your home. Piece things together from there, and you will start to see your bathroom design unfold.What are some popular color palettes and styles in the bathroom remodeling industry?According to The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2013 Trend Report, the transitional design style has been winning over the hearts of most homeowners as of end of 2012, and has probably been the look of choice for bathroom remodels throughout 2013. Palettes include any combination of whites, grays and beiges. The great thing about transitional design is that it merges the rich and timeless beauty of traditional with the clean lines and forms found in modern designs.What can be done to improve a small bathroom space?A well-designed small bathroom space can beat out a poorly-designed large bathroom. Choosing a wall mounted vanity is one way to really open up the space. Floor-to-ceiling storage solutions are also one of the most effective ways to optimize any space.What suggestions do you have for planning a shared bathroom space design?One of the most common issues with sharing a bathroom is wasted time in the mornings when two people are rushing to get ready for work. The best solution for this is a dual vanity. Dual medicine cabinets and storage are also big time savers.The great thing about using a quality bathroom remodeling service for your project is you can get creative without taking any chances or wasting resources. The end product is one that you can enjoy and be proud of. We offer the highest quality professional bathroom remodeling services in Plano and surrounding cities. Please feel free to call us up with any other questions you would like to add.