Making Your Small Bathroom Look Huge

Bathroom remodeling service in Plano shares how to make the most of your small bathroomDoes your home have a tiny bathroom? Especially in older homes, builders often cut back bathroom space to devote more square footage to other areas of the home. Fast forward to today, and you are left with a small -- often inconvenient -- bathroom. If you're stuck in this situation, don't worry! There are plenty of ways to make those small bathrooms seem much larger.Making Space with Recessed StorageOne of the easiest and most stylish things you can do is install recessed storage areas. In your shower, you can forego the usual shampoo caddies and corner shelves by having your contractor install recessed shelving. It will give your shower a little more room, and enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom. Medicine cabinets are another fixture that you can build into a wall easily. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf cabinet, save space and add a sleek look to the bathroom with a custom designed recessed cabinet.If your bathroom adjoins another area of your house with unused space, such as a staircase, you have the chance to get truly creative with recessed cabinetry. Build storage areas underneath the stairs or into other voids in your walls. Not only will you have more storage, but you may be able to open up more bathroom space by eliminating shelving units.Appearances Count: Creating the Illusion of SpaceShower curtains or patterned glass doors look like an extra wall in your bathroom. A clear glass shower door makes a bathroom feel larger by allowing you to see into the shower. Mirrors also help create a more spacious look. Make sure you install a large mirror over the vanity. You can also add a full-length mirror if you have the wall space, or decorate the bathroom with framed mirrors instead of artwork.Special Effects: Using Light and Color to Enhance Your BathroomDark rooms naturally tend to feel smaller, so if you want to maximize the spacious feeling in your bathroom as much as possible, add lots of light and light colors. If privacy isn't an issue, you could have your contractor install a large window for plenty of natural sunlight. Go all-out with lighting above the vanity, overhead and even in the shower to make your bathroom feel bright, fresh and big. As you choose colors, look for off-white tones for the walls, tile and fixtures. Light and bright is the key to get that airy, open feeling.With a little creativity, it's easy to make your tiny bathroom look larger than life. If you'd like more design inspiration or you'd like to schedule a quote, feel free to contact The Viking Craftsman today!