Are You Ready to Remodel that Kitchen? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Know these common Plano kitchen remodeling design mistakes...and avoid themIt’s great to get really excited about a kitchen remodeling project, but just as a successful design is all about incorporating balance, so should be your approach when it comes to planning for one. Before you make any hasty design or purchase decisions, be sure to read these top kitchen remodeling mistakes so that you can avoid the most common pitfalls that can occur when remodeling your kitchen.Countertop Space that Disregards Your Traffic Flow & UsageWalk in to any kitchen showroom, and you may be dazzled with nearly every countertop configuration and design you see. The truth is if you were to simply drop one of those kitchens straight into your home, you would feel like you made an impulse buy. How your kitchen is utilized is unique to your household. Before you go on a shopping spree, clear your mind and think about your own needs. Find areas where countertop space is cramped, or largely unused. A good place to start is by thinking about the pros and cons of your current layout and how you can accommodate the cons to gain more pros.Lack of Flow between the Sink, Fridge and OvenOne of the most fundamental laws of a strong kitchen design is to respect and appreciate the golden triangle. The sink, fridge and oven make up the three points of that triangle, which should be free and clear of obstacles that hamper easy access between these points.Clunky Kitchen IslandsSince the kitchen island is often viewed as a detached bonus element, some people fail to successfully integrate it into the rest of the kitchen. Make sure the island does not cramp your golden triangle. Allow enough space around the island so that it flows with the rest of the kitchen instead of getting in the way. Be sure the island is large enough to use comfortably. Otherwise, you may be better off without one.Contact the Viking Craftsman today for more tips and advice to get you on the right track towards the best kitchen remodeling design for your specific needs.