Thinking of a Bathroom Remodel? Avoid These Mistakes

Avoid costly Plano bathroom remodeling mistakesCommon bathroom remodeling mistakes are made time and time again, when it would save everyone a ton of time, money and heartache to learn from the past. The quickest and most cost effective way to reach all your bathroom remodeling goals is to avoid the following commonly made mistakes.Under-BudgetingMany people think of a bathroom as simply a toilet, vanity, tub, and some pretty decorations. These people couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to budgeting, ask us about plumbing issues with old homes, potential water damages, proper flooring options to avoid such damages, potential mold issues, proper ventilation, adding additional circuits, lighting needs, etc. Budget conservatively and thoroughly, and be sure to add an extra 15 percent or more for potential unknowns.Cheap MaterialsIf you want a permanent solution to your all of bathroom remodeling needs, get it right the first time. Quality fixtures will provide ease of use, enjoyment, and will minimize future repair expenses. Be thorough and buy quality materials when it comes to design details for a seamlessly beautiful space.Getting Too TrendyTrends come and go, but your bathroom is here to stay. Choose timeless classics so that your bathroom will be just as beautiful 10 years from now as it is today. Classic does not restrict you to traditional. There are many tasteful and expressive contemporary, traditional and transitional designs styles that stand the test of time.Poor PlanningDoing your homework and getting a good scope for the entire project during the initial planning phase is time well spent. Take accurate measurements and carefully consider your space before deciding on fixtures and any fancy additions or layout changes you would like to make. Good planning will also raise some very relevant questions and decisions you never would have thought of until later in the project.Hiring the Wrong Remodeling ServiceA lot of folks forget that a very important factor in the success of a bathroom remodel is the service provider they choose to go with. A great remodeling service like our own has done many bathroom remodels, and can save you a lot of time and money using tried and true solutions for all your remodeling needs. We know what works and what doesn’t. We also know all the ins and outs when it comes to proper flooring and ventilation to protect from mold and water damages, lighting assessment and electrical requirements, dealing with outdated plumbing and other fixtures, etc. Feel free to call us up or leave your comments below for more tips.