5 Tips for Your Outdoor Living Room

5 Tips for Your Outdoor Living Room - The Viking Craftsman

5 Tips for Your Outdoor Living Room - The Viking Craftsman

5 Tips for Your Outdoor Living Room Spending time outside is essential for our physical and mental well being. As adults, having an outside retreat adds an economic component: According to the “What Buyers Really Want” report from NAHB (National Association of Home Builder), more than 80% of homebuyers confirmed that front porches and patios are desirable or essential when considering a purchase. 1. Make your mark Ensure that your own personal style dominates your backyard space by:

  • Creating a decking in your own choice of wood.

  • Creating a path made of colored brick, glass, or other appealing materials.

  • Building a custom seating area, pizza oven or other feature you enjoy.

  • Including a fire pit or lighting to brighten up your evenings.

  • Making your outdoor retreat a place where you sharpen your DIY skills.

2. Light the way When the sun goes down, do not be left groping for your way back to the house. Outdoor lighting increases your home’s appeal and marketability. Make it safe and it will let you spend ample time outside. You can:

  • Use up-lighting to highlight architectural details, trees or other focal points.

  • Add pendant or sconce lights to make grilling and reading easier.

  • Illuminate rails, steps and walkways with landscape solar lights.

  • Hang string lights to set an enchanting tone.

3. Create a broadband paradise Our electronics and devices have conspired to keep us indoors. Since we are not ready to give up our devices and electronics, make sure your outdoor space has a powerful wifi connection, and continue the fun outside. You can install:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi antennas to ensure you remain connected.

  • A solar USB charging system to keep your gadgets powered.

  • Wireless speakers to keep streaming your favorite tunes.

  • An all-weather outdoor TV to give you a reason to remain outside during big games and for movies.

4. Rebuff the elements Wind, bugs, rain and baking hot sun are the archenemy of good times. Here are strategies to help you avoid the downsides of Mother Nature:

  • Install a canopy, pergola or an awning to keep away the summer showers. Use products made of polycarbonate panels as they block UV rays.

  • A screen on your deck or porch to keep the bugs out. Ensure that you don’t forget slats between wood planks.

5. Give everyone a reason to stay outside Your outdoor space will magnetically draw friends and family if it has appealing features.

  • A fire pit is an ideal idea. Fire and food have brought humans together since the beginning of history.

  • Give kids something to with an outdoor playhouse or sand pit.

  • Add creativity with a chalkboard fence that both fun-loving adults and kids will enjoy.

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