10 Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects

10 Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects

10 Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects

10 Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects Make some adjustments to your home as part of your preparations before your guests arrive for the holidays. As you decorate your home for the holidays, here are other changes you can make to the appearance of your home that will last long after the holidays:

1. Front door replacement

Your door has served you for years. This holiday, consider replacing it for better appearance as well as improved security of your home. Choose materials that look great and can also keep out the cold.

2. Repaint some areas

Consider repainting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets instead of replacing them. A new paint job would also do your house’s exterior a lot of good. It might surprise you how a few tin cans of your preferred paint can positively transform how your house looks.

3. Create a stone path

Resist the temptation to create a walkway using concrete. Instead, get some flagstones and create a beautiful path. Add a coat of crushed limestone to create a flat surface.

4. Complete those unfinished jobs

The year is almost over. Don’t let those unfinished jobs cross into the New Year. And because you know how busy you will get when your visitors arrive for the holidays, this is your best time to get those undone jobs done. If you do, your home will have a more finished look.

5. Add a few flower pots

These flower pots would especially look great if you place them at the entrance of your house. Choose flowers that bloom during winter.

6. Deep clean the entire house

Consider undertaking some cleaning tasks you would normally not do, including polishing your wooden furniture and steam cleaning those carpets.

7. Add some lighting outside

Consider adding a solar-powered lighting system outside to light up your driveway, paths and sidewalks.

8. Replace your décor

Change those curtains and rugs to give you space a new, holiday-friendly look.

9. Clean out those gutters

As you hang your Christmas lights, clean your gutters and prevent water overflow as well as ice dam formation on the roof.

10. Get your snow blower ready

Locate your snow blower and check to see that it is in good working condition. In addition, put your shovels in an area you will easily access when the time comes to use them.

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