Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

When you go to an antique shop or a thrift shop you will frequently encounter sturdy, heavy furniture that is constructed of wood. Though in the antique shop it will likely be in good condition, in the thrift shop it may have scratches or watermarks, or the finish may no longer be in good shape. Because you have become accustomed to modern, commercial furniture, you may not realize that the wooden table you just saw could be the best buy in the shop.

The True Value Solid Wood Furniture Has to Offer


That worn looking table in the thrift shop represents he value that solid wood furniture has. I’ll take a guess and say that what you also noticed about that neglected piece of furniture was that it was still completely serviceable. If it didn’t look so bad you would have bought it and it would have become a useful piece of furniture in your home. What you didn’t realize was that the neglect that you saw could easily and fairly cheaply be corrected simply because it was constructed of solid wood.

The single greatest value of solid wood furniture is that it can be refinished. It can be sanded and refinished two, three and four times and made to look as good as the day it was crafted. This applies not only to furniture, but to cabinetry, bathrooms, outdoor structures, countertops, and more.

Many people have bought a house or rented an apartment and decided to fix up the paint that was peeling or cracking from a door or a door frame, only to get underneath and discover beautiful maple doors or moldings. These pieces can easily be refinished and restore your home to the beauty it once had.

Another huge advantage of solid wood furniture is simply that – it’s solid wood. When you have furniture contrasted of solid wood there isn’t a screw it can’t hold for a longer time. Oak, Ash and Maple make great pieces of furniture and if you have a rowdy crowd of children in your home it will be extremely difficult for them to collapse the table when they sit on it or to have the arms fall off of a chair because they sat on those.

That is the true value of solid wood furniture. It’s strong, reliable and rarely has to be replaced. That’s why it gets passed down through generations until it finally ends up in that thrift shop or antique store. Solid wood furniture is built to last.