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Additions by The Viking Craftsman …

Is you home either too small or not serving your needs?

Building an addition is one of the best ways both to serve your needs and to create extra value in your home. It is important that the new and old part of the house, flows, works, and looks seamless.

The Viking Craftsman, Inc. offers turnkey solutions from design and architectural services to finish out. We believe in giving the client what they want and not trying to ‘sell’ a certain style. We will provide ideas and solutions to meet or exceed the client wishes. When a client chooses The Viking Craftsman, Inc., the client becomes part of the team. We will be straight forward and communications will be wide open and no question or concern will go unanswered. The Viking Craftsman, Inc. will not entertain ‘us versus you’ games.

Morten has a keen sense of space and can picture the finished project from the first meeting. His experience allows him to identify and correct potential problems and issues before they become serious. It is vital that a remodeler can adapt to changes as no two jobs are the same and that there always are hidden problems when you work with existing homes.


As a remodeler, I’m often asked the following question: ‘Should I remodel/add-on or should I move?’ Well I say: I’m the wrong person to ask, as I have a vested interest in remodeling your home. Also it seems like everyone knows a realtor who claims that it is best to move. Unfortunately, the realtor has a vested interest in selling and buying homes including yours. So both professions have a bias toward their own benefits.

Nevertheless, I generally go out on an a limb, removing my remodeler hat and give the following advise: If you and your family are happy with your current neighborhood (neighbors, friends, surroundings, parks, schools etc.), then you should seriously consider remodeling and/or adding space if needed to your current home. However, if you do not like your current neighborhood, then chances are that no amount of remodeling and money spent will make you happy. In that case, by all means move to a different location.