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Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces have become more and more elaborate over the last decade.  And it doesn’t surprise us one bit! The majority of us are so busy that we spend most of our lives under fluorescent lights and in front of the computer screen. When the only time outdoors is spent walking to and from the car, the thought of spending time outdoors for fun sounds like a vacation in itself. Now imagine extending your home out for the outdoor living space of your dreams. Only your imagination and budget limit the scope of the space you can have outdoors. The Viking Craftsman offers a full range of exciting options for outdoor living spaces.

Imagine the Possibilities

Pergolas, arbors, cabanas, shade structures, patios, decks, fireplaces, grills, outdoor kitchens, bars, sitting areas, TV’s, fire pits, and fountains, all of these are possible and really make a statement.  These extensions of your home are really where the party goes.  There is nothing as beautiful as a warm Spring or festive Fall night, to entertain friends and family outside, in a well thought out outdoor living space.

The Viking Craftsman works with all kinds of materials and is known in his neighborhood for his beautiful pergola and patio.

Improve Your Quality of Life

There’s just no denying it. Everything is better outdoors. With an outdoor kitchen, for example, the simplest task is so much more enjoyable, and everyone wants to participate. Outdoor living spaces are some of the most dramatic, fun, and life-changing enhancements you can make to your home, for the cost. Your home can quickly become the mecca for party guests, or a peaceful get away for some fresh air, right in your own back yard.

Outdoor Living Spaces Gallery

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