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Bathroom Remodeling Gallery

Our Bathroom Remodeling Service

The Viking Craftsman home and bathroom remodeling service creates all different bathroom styles, from Traditional to Contemporary, Eclectic to Zen and everything in between. Our bathroom remodeling services span from fairly modest to upscale ‘one of a kind.’ Whether you desire a new vanity, new flooring, or a complete bathroom remodeling overhaul, we have the means and the skills to deliver. Not only that, but our skills and level of expertise are as unique and valuable as the custom remodel you truly desire.

The Sky is the Limit with Our Bathroom Remodeling Service

There are an infinite amount of possibilities and bathroom styles available to ensure that you will be able to plan for the bathroom of your dreams. Showers can vary from a single head to showers with multi heads, body jets and other amenities. Electrical floor mats installed under the tile gives a bathroom a luxurious feel, especially after a long day, or in colder climates. Custom cabinets can contain unique features and there are unlimited options for countertops. The Viking Craftsman works with all kinds of materials such as natural stone, quartz, ceramic, porcelain, and wood.

Proper Lighting for Function and Beauty

Lighting is often overlooked, but can really make a dramatic difference in a bathroom remodel. Correctly placed task lighting is crucial for functionality. Accent and general lighting is what sets the mood. Natural lighting is good for one’s mental and physical well-being, and can be planned for as well.

Updating and renovating outdated bathrooms with a quality bathroom remodeling service is one of the best home improvements to increase your quality of life.  Remodeling your bathroom also provides one of the best returns on your dollar.

Bathroom Remodeling Gallery

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