• The Viking Craftsman – Custom Kitchens

    There is nothing The Viking Craftsman, Inc. cannot complete as we really feed on complex and challenging projects.   It is where Morten’s background as an Engineer comes in handy.

  • The Viking Craftsman – Living Spaces

    The Viking Craftsman, Inc. can do all kinds of projects such as: staircases, coffered ceilings, mantels, residential elevators, display cases, sliding French doors, metal ornate entry doors etc.

  • The Viking Craftsman – Bathrooms

    The Viking Craftsman remodels and creates all different bathroom styles, from Traditional to Contemporary, Eclectic to Zen and everything in between.

  • The Viking Craftsman – Kitchen & Dining

    Kitchen remodeling and renovation are specialties of The Viking Craftsman, Inc. Nothing is more important than a nice and well thought out kitchen! It is where the family gathers to visit, cook or just ‘hang.’

  • The Viking Craftsman – Showers

    The Viking Craftsman works with all kinds of materials such as natural stone, quartz, ceramic, porcelain, and wood.

  • The Viking Craftsman – Bathtubs

    The Viking Craftsman remodels and creates all different bathroom styles, from Traditional to Contemporary, Eclectic to Zen and everything in between.

Whats new in kitchen remodeling for 2014

The open design kitchen is one of the trends that remain strong in 2014. The concept for this actually goes back at least to the ideas of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who flourished in the first half of the 20th century. The idea was considered revolutionary in a time when kitchens were disconnected rooms […]

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What is traditional bathroom design

Traditional bathroom design usually gives an impression of a particular historical period. This is accomplished by using materials, decor, and features associated with that era. Examples of this type of design use art deco, Victorian, and colonial styles. Floor tile can enhance the traditional appearance with such patterns as hexagonal, Italian basket-weave, or penny tile. […]

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Eclectic Bathroom Design

I’ve been told I have eclectic taste. What does this mean? Eclectic is a term describing a combination of many different elements of styles, mediums, or themes in one “package.” If you have eclectic taste in music, you might enjoy many genres, from classical to jazz to Broadway show tunes. If you have eclectic taste […]

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About The Viking Craftsman


The Viking Craftsman, Inc. is a small business whose owner measures success by the mastery of his workmanship. Since the fall of 2002, The Viking Craftsman, Inc. (TVCI) has completed numerous custom projects, from single built-in entertainment centers to complete house renovations.

Prior to founding The Viking Craftsman, Inc., the owner, Morten Antonsen, was employed by Texas Instruments as an Electrical Analog Design Engineer building interface semiconductor chips. He was always passionate about his woodworking, and has turned this ability into a very successful custom remodeling business.

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